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Bell tent hire Norfolk: 5 events that are perfect for bell tents

If you’re looking for information about bell tent hire in Norfolk, you’ve come to the right place.

At Creative Canopy Co, we help wedding and event organisers throughout East Anglia provide chic and comfortable accommodation for their guests.

With that in mind, here are five events where you might wish to hire bell tents, ensuring that you take extra special care of your guests.


Wedding coordinators do an excellent job, given their many responsibilities ahead of the big day.

One of the many items on any coordinator’s to-do list is arranging guest accommodation, which can be challenging when organising outdoor weddings.

Bell tents are simply perfect for outdoor weddings, and they add to the stunning aesthetic of any wedding day and can be tailored to suit various themes and styles.

Equally, if you’re independently planning an outdoor wedding and need accommodation for your guests, we can help you out. Our bell tents are affordable and versatile, meaning we can tailor our accommodation options to your wedding theme and budget.

Again, with multiple tents for hire, we provide bell tent hire in Norfolk that is suitable for intimate services and much bigger wedding celebrations, depending on your plans for your big day.


Organisers often look for festival and event bell tent hire in Norfolk, and we’re glad to oblige.

Whether you’re arranging a low-key food and drink festival or a regional music festival, bell tents are the perfect accommodation solution for your guests. Why? Well, bell tents are extremely comfortable, offer protection from the unpredictable Norfolk weather, and offer privacy and security that are integral to festival-goers.

At Creative Canopy Co, we provide bell tent hire to several regional festivals, including the colourful and vivacious Primadonna festival - one of our favourite summer gatherings on the calendar.

We offer bell tent hire in Norwich and the surrounding areas all year round. Be sure to check us out on Facebook to see our tents used at regional festivals and events.

Corporate events

Team building is a massive part of any company’s success, and we’re increasingly seeing business leaders becoming ever-more creative when it comes to team-building exercises.

Some teams head into the great outdoors to get to know one another while performing a range of team-building and bonding exercises throughout the day. Some take place in the countryside, while others take place on land owned by the company.

Either way, overnight corporate events require comfortable and affordable accommodation options, precisely where bell tents come in.

Rather than expecting your employees to set up their own tents in the great outdoors, you can turn to bell tents for an increased level of comfort, ensuring that your employees feel cared for and rewarded for all of their hard work throughout the year.

Our bell tent hire in Norwich, throughout Norfolk or elsewhere in East Anglia is ideal for putting on something extra special during an upcoming corporate event.


Another reason to turn to bell tent hire in Norfolk is to provide chic and comfortable accommodation at an upcoming party. The warmer months of the year are perfect for hosting elegant summer soirees, bringing together relatives from around the country to celebrate.

You might be celebrating a special family occasion, or you might want to do something special for the summer solstice. Either way, you need to make sure you have sufficient accommodation for all attendees.

Our bell tents are an excellent option for after-party accommodation, providing somewhere for your guests to spend the night after a long day and evening celebrating with loved ones.

We take care of installing and removing the tents before and after your party, leaving you to focus on what’s important - catching up with friends and family.

Sporting occasions

Last but certainly not least, we provide competitive bell tent hire in Norfolk for sporting occasions. Whether you’re arranging a summer football, cricket, golf tournament or festival, our bell tents provide the perfect base for weary competitors to rest after a busy day.

You can also use our tents to host various sub-events throughout the sporting occasion, helping you to put on more activities for guests and attendees.

Ultimately, as we’ve explained throughout, there are so many events that could benefit from bell tents - find out how to hire our tents in the lead-up to your event below.

Arrange bell tent hire, Norfolk, with Creative Canopy Co

At Creative Canopy Co, we provide bespoke bell tent hire in Norfolk, Norwich, and the surrounding areas.

Our tents are perfect for festivals, weddings, corporate events, parties, and sporting occasions and serve as a comfortable and affordable solution for your guests.

To make a reservation or to enquire about our bell tents, get in touch with our friendly team today to find out how Creative Canopy Co can help you plan your upcoming event.



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