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Bell Tent Hire Essex: 5 Reasons they’re perfect for your event

If you’re looking for bell tent hire in Essex, we’re here to explain that they’re an excellent option for a whole host of events. Offer bell tents to provide guests comfortable accommodation, making your event the best.

Bell tent hire, Essex: Quick facts

· Bell tents are sturdy, durable, and weatherproof, providing perfect accommodation in all seasons.

· You can accommodate 2-4 guests in each bell tent.

· We multiple bell tents for hire in Essex, perfect for small, medium, and significant events.

· They’re ideal for weddings, special events and festivals.

· We take care of the installation and setup of all bell tents, meaning you can focus on other aspects of your event without worrying about the accommodation

Five reasons bell tents are perfect for your Essex event

Bell tents are a trendy outdoor accommodation option and an asset to event organisers. Specifically, here are five reasons why they’re perfect for your upcoming event in Essex and the surrounding areas.


Hiring bell tents is highly cost-effective for providing beautiful accommodation to your guests.

Whether you’re arranging a beautiful outdoor wedding, party or cool music festival, bell tents are an ideal addition to your plans and provide your guests with somewhere comfortable and secure to spend the night after the celebrations.

They’re much more cost-effective than hotel reservations and several other forms of accommodation.


When you partner with Creative Canopy Co, we take care of everything for you. We help you choose the ideal bell tents for your event and arrange delivery at a time and date that works for you.

We then carry out the installation and decoration of your bell tents, letting you focus on other arrangements ahead of the big event.


Although bell tents are convenient, they’re also attractive and add something to the aesthetic of your event.

Once set up, bell tents are chic and charming and provide a chilled-out vibe conducive to many outdoor gatherings. As the day passes into the evening, your guests can gather around a campfire to share stories with their tents in the background, providing a memorable evening in the great outdoors.


Another great thing about bell tent hire in Essex is that you can hire tents for various purposes and use them at multiple events.

For instance, we provide bell tents to organisers of weddings, corporate events, sporting occasions, festivals and outdoor parties.

Ultimately, no matter the event you’re planning, our bell tents are multipurpose.


Event organisers understandably want to ensure that the accommodation that they provide to their guests is comfortable and secure, no matter the weather.

Our bell tents [SY3] are 100% weatherproof and can be used throughout the year. Although we’re super busy during the summer months, there’s absolutely no reason our bell tents can’t be used in the cooler months of the year - perfect for Halloween ghost stories at a company team-building event, for instance.

Bell tent hire, Essex, from Creative Canopy Co

Ultimately, bell tents are a viable option for many businesses to consider. They’re affordable, attractive, hassle-free, and weatherproof, making them an obvious choice when it comes to accommodating guests at your event.

Specifically, we partner with businesses and individuals that arrange weddings and other large-scale outdoor events, offering affordable rates and hassle-free solutions.

To enquire about bell tent hire in Essex and to find out more about how Creative Canopy Co can help you provide bespoke, comfortable accommodation at your upcoming event, contact us today.

For inspiration, you can also check us out on Instagram to see our bell tents in action at various events.



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